Time to play Elsword with us and win some prizes *Winners Announced*

Yesterday we announced that we'll be livestreaming Elsword from 4PM to 5:30PM EST, and now here's the info you'll need in order to join us.

We will be playing on the Solace server, in Channel 2.

You can join our low level character Manxy and help us complete quests and run through dungeons.

Again, to be eligible to win 2,000 K-Ching, all you need to do is join us in the game. Your name will then be entered in the drawing. We'll be selecting and announcing two winners at the end of our livestream.

First and foremost, thanks to everyone who participated and ran these dungeons with us! We could only pick two winners however, and they are:

snipermaiden and Saisana!

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