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Time Running Out to Finalize Your SWTOR Guild


With Phase 3: Deployment of Star Wars: The Old Republic going live, time is rapidly running out to finalize your guild for prelaunch.  As a reminder, Phase 3: Deployment allows guild members to see if their guild qualifies to be transferred into the game.  The Pre-Launch Guild Program will end December 2nd.  This pre-launch applies to those who want their guild finalized by the official SWTOR Early Game Access releases.   

This means before December 2nd, you will want to make the last altercations to your guild.  These changes include:

  • Make any changes to your guild
  • Ensure your guild meets requirements for deployment into the game
  • Designate your guild’s Allies and Adversaries
  • Review and accept pending guild applications

To ensure your guild makes it into prelaunch only requires a few easy steps:

  • Four members need to preorder.
  • Those four need to redeem their Pre-Order Code HERE.
  • Then check you Guild HQ to see if you’ve met all the conditions HERE

If you have not yet prepared your guild to be transferred for Early Game Access it is not too late.  Simply contact three of your guild mates and follow the steps above.  For more questions, there is a SWTOR Guilds FAQ.

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