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Time and Eternity install takes up a lot of PS3 HDD space


Whether or not Time and Eternity (Tokitowa) will come to North America remains to be seen at this point. What isn't unknown, though, is the fact that the game will require a mandatory install — a mandatory install that's quite large and takes up a sizable chunk of hard drive space.

How much space will Time and Eternity take up when it launches in Japan later this month? A whopping 4,500 MB, revealed developer Imageepooch. That's almost 4.5 GB.

Time and Eternity will arrive exclusively for the PlayStation 3. The game will be available in Japan on October 11. Here's hoping we get it here in North America, too. The game looks lovely, and I'm willing to bet a lot of JRPG aficionados will overlook the large install size as long as they get to play the game.


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