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Tiltify a new way to raise money for your favorite charities while playing the games you love


Supporting charities through gaming has just become a whole lot easier thanks to Tiltify, a social crowdfunding site that allows gamers to connect their streaming accounts and social media to one profile.

Tiltify is a one stop shop in the sense that it makes raising money much easier and faster for those using streaming services like Twitch. Users can embed their twitch stream and chat into their profiles to help generate donations. Not only that, but the site helps gamers spread the word and provide prizes to those who have donated.

Events are also a huge part of Tiltify -- during E3, the site (along with Tubefilter) sponsored the Game Channel Honors, a stream event hosted by Taryn Southern. Profit generated from the party went straight to Teen Cancer America. Tiltify is looking to make these functions a monthly occurrence and to change the way gamers support those in need.

Katherine Hopps
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