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Thunder becomes Killer Instinct's next free-to-play fighter

Killer Instinct Thunder

Out with the old, in with the new. Continuing the free character rotation, Killer Instinct's next free playable character is Thunder, the tomahawk wielding mystical defender of Native Americans.

"Thunder has no mercy with his tomahawks and grappling abilities!" PlayXBLA boasts. "Unable to let go of his grief and consumed by the mysteries that still surround the loss of his brother Eagle, Thunder strikes an accord with an unfamiliar figure in exchange for recovering Eagle’s remains so that he can be given a traditional burial and both can find peace."

Thunder replaces Sabrewulf as the game's free playable character. Prior to Sabrewulf, Jago was free-to-play. Killer Instinct is technically free to download on Xbox One, though only one character is free to play at a time. Other characters must be unlocked individually for $4.99 each or as a bundle with the Combo Break pack or Ultra Edition. As of right there, there are a total of six fighters available, but there are still two more coming: Spinal and Fulgore.

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