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Thumpies Out on iTunes

February 17, 2010

Thumpies Out on iTunes

Big Blue Bubble Inc. announced today that Thumpies, a truly original beat matching game, is released today for iPhone/iPod Touch. Special version designed for iPad will be available on the launch date. WiiWare and PC versions will follow up shortly.

Thumpies is a unique rhythm based music game for players of all ages. The best way to describe Thumpies is a rhythm game crossed with juggling. Players tap the screen to match the beat of bouncing Thumpies, creating layers of a song. If the player taps the targets in time, their Thump-o-Meter slowly rises, but if the player misses or taps out of time, the meter falls. Unlike typical rhythm based games, Thumpies uses a mechanic of bouncing in time instead of just a series of notes.

The quirky art design of Thumpies is accompanied by a unique musical score composed by award winning composer and industry veteran David Kerr. The music was crafted with game play in mind, giving the player a harmonizing experience.

Players also have the chance to unlock progressively bizarre Thumpies characters by collecting different colored butterflies. But be warned, hungry Thumpies might just eat them up before you get a chance to catch them!

Beware Internet Users! The Thumpies are on the loose and have taken over their own Facebook page! They want to invite all humanoids to a very special Live Chat . . . do you dare converse with the Thumpies?

Thumpies is a game that will keep people of all ages hooked with its addictive, quirky and stylistic gameplay. For more information, check out

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