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Three Hackers Arrested, Accused of PSN Attacks


We got 'em! Maybe.

Three hackers accused of causing the recent PlayStation Network attacks have been arrested in Spain. The news is sure to bring relief to gamers who missed out on multiplayer gaming and digital shopping through Sony's online hub. It should also please people like me who just don't like hackers.

Currently, claims that these fine gentlemen hacked the PlayStation Network are still uncertain. The keyword here is "alleged," after all. But whether or not they did indeed hack Sony's online service, they are still very deserving of their arrests.

According to The Register, police arrested the citizens after finding evidence that they had previously hacked several bank, industry, and government websites. These include government sites in Algeria, Egypt, and Libya; an energy company in Italy; and two banks in Spain. The Spanish police published screenshots of IRC logs with dastardly plans of hacking Spanish police sites.

As of this writing, these are the main details we know about the hackers. No names have been revealed, but we do know that the hackers are middle-aged men. And I'm going to assume they're still living in their moms' basements.

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