Three Tomb Raider DLC costumes leaked

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New images of Tomb Raider downloadable content have been leaked, giving us a sneak peek at three potential costumes for Lara Croft. Crystal Dynamics has already made it clear that none of the DLC released will be single player expansions; rather, it is based around the multiplayer experience. As such, you can see the three new costumes -- Mountaineer, Modern Archer, and Engineer -- in the attached gallery.

Unfortunately, none of the three costumes include the one fans really want -- the original classic outfit with the blue top and khaki shorts. As creative director Noah Hills said in an AMA last month, "There are not currently plans for a classic outfit DLC. We did try to have a lot of nods to the classics in this reboot, and even her outfit itself is intended to evoke her classic outfit in a way, but is more practical for her situation. This was just an example of trying to play that balance between fresh and familiar."

Pricing for the new costumes have not been revealed, as Square Enix has not officially announced the DLC. 

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