Three New PSP Dual Packs Announced

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Available at retailers nationwide in January as well as downloadable via the PlayStation Network, Sony has three new PSP Dual Packs available for $14.99 each.  These three new PSP Dual Packs feature MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Twisted Metal: Head-on; Patapon and LocoRoco; and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee and Hot Shots Tennis.

These packs are an excellent value buy, but it would've been better if they were released in time for the holidays.  If you don't have a PSP, it is currently priced at $129.99, but when the Vita releases, there will probably be another price drop.  Out of the three of these packs, I'm most excited about the MotorStorm: Arctic Edge and Twisted Metal: Head-on  one.


Source: PlayStation.Blog


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