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Three new Nintendo downloadable titles available today


Been looking for some new 3DS games to help pass the time as you wait for Resident Evil: Revelations? Us too! Luckily, Nintendo just dropped three new downloadable titles, all of which look pretty interesting.

3 Heroes: Crystal Soul (DSiWare) is some sort of Puzzle / RPG hybrid. I'd like to tell you more about it, but the trailer footage is so inconcievably small that I have literally no idea what's going on. Can someone tell their video editor why we made a move to a widescreen format? Because it wasn't to fill 3/4ths of the screen with a random wood-grain pattern.

Quick Fill Q (DSiWare) has a trailer which actually lets me see the game in action, which is good because it looks like a ton of fun. A tiny ball creature rolls along, players tasked with building blocks and dropping them Tetris-style into the terrain to help him continue. Still a buck too expensive at $1.99, but definitely one of the more addicting-looking offerings in the shop.

Samurai Sword Destiny is the only 3DS eShop exclusive, clocking in at $5.99. Our heads aren't exactly blown by the mediocre graphics or by-the-book sidescrolling action, but to be fair we haven't had a chance to try the game yet and could be hasty to judge. I think we're just a bit wary of ninja games for the 3DS after the disapointment that was Sega's Shinobi, but again, at the premium price point we'll wait on a few reviews before making the purchase.

Wait, we're a video game site. We write those reviews. Hmm... somebody loan me six bucks.

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