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Three more games to arrive on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up and … smell the ashes.

hello, mr. freeman

The Xbox Backwards Compatibility program has already brought a lot of Xbox 360 games to the Xbox One and Microsoft just keeps on expanding the library by always adding new titles.

The latest games to join the Backwards Compatibility program are Orange Box, Galaga Legions, and Joe Danger 2, so depending on how you count it is either seven or three new games available on the Xbox One. Nevertheless, on how you count it, Xbox gamers can now play three more last generation games on the current generation platform.

So this latest batch of Xbox 360 games available on Xbox One caters to most people. Galaga Legions offers a revamped classic arcade game. Joe Danger 2 is your 2D side-scrolling platformer motorcycle game. Then we have the behemoth of this batch, The Orange Box. It offers the critically praised puzzle game Portal, the not-as-great-on-console multiplayer game Team Fortress 2, and the classic Half-Life 2 as well as Episode 1 and 2. Honestly, it is worth buying Orange Box from the bargain bin just to experience the classic that is Half-Life 2 now that it is available on Xbox One.

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