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THQ Shuts Down Homefront Developer


I'm freaking tired of reporting on hacker attacks. This crap is annoying and relentless, and by focusing on the chicanery of these online hooligans, we're just feeding their egos. I had originally planned to discuss the recent exploits of internet hackers, but I've decided to talk about something much different: the closure of Kaos Studios by parent company THQ.

According to Develop, THQ intends on shutting down the New York-based developer, offering the employees positions at their Canadian studio post-closure. This is unfortunate news for everyone involved, especially those who can't or won't relocate to Canada.

Kaos isn't the only THQ subsidiary affected. Further reports dictate that THQ will also be closing the doors of its Digital Warrington studio based in the UK. According to Develop, 46 staff members are likely to be left without jobs. THQ has confirmed, however, that the employees will be on board for more than 60 days, as required by UK law.

It is unknown what these closures are linked to. It could be that Homefront didn't fare as well as THQ hoped, causing them to axe Kaos. Additionally, the company is currently looking to fill 400 positions in its new Montreal office, and these closures could be a push to get employees already under the THQ umbrella to continue working within the company instead of brand new talent.

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