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THQ Releases all-new open PC Beta for Frontlines: Fuel of War

December 14, 2007

THQ Releases all-new open PC Beta for Frontlines: Fuel of War

New beta available exclusively through FilePlanet

On Friday, December 14, 2007 at 10:00 AM PST, THQ released an all-new PC open beta for the critically acclaimed first-person shooter Frontlines: Fuel of War exclusively through The new beta client (version 0.3.0) contains two all new maps where players can battle for ultimate control of the frontlines, while fighting with a huge arsenal of over 60 next-gen weapons and vehicles.

  • New Map: Street (Size target: 16 player infantry)
    This is urban combat at its bloodiest, with players fighting an intense infantry battle over a block of bomb-shattered Moscow
  • New Map: Oilfield (Size target: 32+ player vehicles and infantry)
    Red Star Alliance and Western Coalition forces collide over an expansive and valuable oilfield in northern Turkmenistan

Download the new beta exclusively from FilePlanet here (, and conquer the front line today! For more information about Frontlines, check out the website at:

In addition to the new maps, the Frontlines open beta includes a large list of changes and improvements, including:

  • Vehicles: Fixed 3P camera on WC Attack chopper... oh did we mention that "Oilfield" has helicopters?
  • Vehicles: The attack choppers have had their roll rates optimized (helps when trying to turn the vehicle around)
  • Vehicles: Tanks can now go THROUGH stop signs - LITERALLY (and many other objects)
  • Vehicles: All vehicles had their throttle mechanism tweaked or added
  • Vehicles: All tracked vehicles are now much more maneuverable, having had their turn rate adjusted
  • Drones: The flying drones have had their roll rates increased (helps when trying to turn the vehicle around)
  • UI: You can now bring up the in game menu (pause menu) while on the deploy screen
  • UI: KeyBinding has now been implemented!
  • UI: Existing kill messages will show up in scroll (now you know who shot you!)
  • UI: Vehicles: Improved reload UI visuals
  • Vehicles & Drones: Updated Health Bar
  • UI: Drones signal strength bar has been updated
  • Base Jumping: All soldiers now have parachutes, so if you are high enough and have enough time to deploy them - use them!
  • Weapons: EMP Rocket Launcher - Greatly reduced it's proximity trigger
  • Weapons: EMP Generator - Increased its air strike blocking radius

About Frontlines Fuel of War:

From the creators of Desert Combat and the Battlefield 2 R&D team comes the next-generation in first person shooters. Based upon actual locations in Central Asia, the player embarks on an epic campaign featuring 7 unique theaters of war. In a world ravaged by a global energy crisis, environmental decay, and a new economic depression, the story follows a division of Western Coalition soldiers – The Stray Dogs – through a dark vision of our future. Players assume the role of an elite soldier in the Stray Dogs on an epic crusade against the Red Star Alliance to control the last of the world’s oil reserves.

Frontlines: Fuel of War offers extensive multiplayer game play supporting up to 32 players on console (with dedicated servers) and 64 players on PC via LAN or internet. Frontlines: Fuel of War combines cinematic, open world game play with a revolutionary Frontline Combat System to deliver the most intense FPS to date.

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