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THQ/Kaos React to Day One Homefront Sales and Complaints


THQ and developer Kaos are on damage control today, revealing early numbers for Homefront and addressing persistent complaints. THQ has announced via press release that the game has already sold 375,000 copies in North America on its first day out. “We are delighted with first day sales for Homefront and are already fulfilling re-orders for the game from multiple retailers,” said Brian Farrell, THQ President and CEO.

Despite the much-needed good news for both the publisher and developer, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. Many players are reporting server issues, though THQ claim they are currently in the process of adding additional dedicated servers to handle the massive influx. With the multiplayer generally regarded as the main allure of the game, these issues could deter some early buyers.

The main criticism against Homefront has been the anemic length of its heavily marketed single-player campaign. Kaos Studio's GM David Votypka addressed the issue in an interview with CVG: “I think going forward we'd certainly work on extending it a few hours, but going past the 10-hour mark and doing a category-leader multiplayer game... you just have to balance your development resources there.” Votypka says that if fan reactions are overwhelmingly negative towards the short campaign, they will certainly address the matter in a sequel.

That is, if a sequel actually happens. The game isn't quite out of the woods yet, as it will have to maintain its early momentum to be a success. One solution, it seems, could be to begin discounting the game to attract more customers. Amazon has already put the game on sale, offering it for a cool $41.96.

THQ has put a lot of eyes on Homefront, and I think the story and multiplayer may be enough to entice a good number of people. I'm certainly compelled to check it out. How about you?

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