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THQ*ICE Announces the Veil of Darkness Content Update

November 24, 2009


THQ*ICE has announced the descent of the “Veil of Darkness” upon its free-to-play MMORPG, Dragonica™ Online. This upcoming content update introduces exciting new features and an increased character level cap of 65. A selection of these new gameplay elements include:

New Quests
Over 40 new quests including new rare monster quests.

New Pet System
Three different types of pets -- Birdy, Puppy, and Kitty -- can be earned from Pet Sellers Amy and Edith by completing quests available at levels 20, 30, and 40.

Expanded Emporia War
A weekly tournament that pits the top eight guilds against each other in single elimination, the winner of which gets to challenge the reigning champion guild of Emporia.

New Cash Shop Item Types
Vanity Items: Players now can change their character's appearance with new cosmetic options for their Hair Style, Hair Color, and even Face.

Equipment Inventory Expansion:
This new item doubles normal bag space, letting characters carry twice as much loot.

Recall Cards:
Players can use these items to save their location in any Field Map.

Personalized Character Cards
These customizable personal profiles are free and provided as a reward for completing a special quest chain.

The “Veil of Darkness” content update also rebalances all dungeon bosses, redesigns the Mission Map scoring system, and improves the in-game Journal. Advanced levels of the crafting system will also be implemented.

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Developed by Barunson Interactive, and published by THQ*ICE, Dragonica Online (Rated ‘E10+’ for Everyone over the age of 10) is the first MMORPG to merge fast-paced combat, 3D side-scrolling and a hilarious, yet devastating, skill system. Players can join the Dragon Fellowship to vanquish the threat of the evil Dark Dragon Elga; explore a fantastical world that combines intense arcade-style combat and quirky humor with light heart graphics. Grow your character into a Dragon Fellowship hero today!

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