THQ Australia Axes 14 Employees

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THQ has recently made some staff cuts to reduce costs and profit losses. The victim was THQ Australia, which lost 14 staff members. Recently, THQ has made moves to reduce costs, such as the cancellation of Company of Heroes Online and WWE SmackDown vs. Raw Online.

THQ Australia developed several kid-friendly titles such as Avatar: The Last Airbender and Megamind: The Ultimate Showdown. The 14 employees that were dropped weren't given any options within THQ's other development studios. A statement from the publisher reads, "We have let 14 employees go at our Australia studio. In the normal course of business, we expect to adjust our workforce both up and down as required by project needs."

Reports have stated that the 14 staff members that were let go by THQ Australia worked in the art department, covering environment and animation, among other things. Best of luck to the 14 ex-members of the THQ team.

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