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THQ’s old headquarters is full of gaming memorabilia

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Reddit user Soulessgingr’s company recently moved house and was surprised to find that they were moving into THQ’s old building. More surprising was the amount of gaming goodies left behind.

“The building manager purchased all the stuff that was left and THQ also left some stuff (hardware mostly) because they owed a lot of money for back rent,” Soulessgingr explained. He was also able to confirm that the building owner paid THQ for all remaining gaming paraphernalia.

The Reddit user himself was lucky enough to walk away with three original Darksiders 2 posters. “I was given Darksiders 2 posters a while ago because the CIO knew I loved that game when he did the initial tour,” he added.

THQ went under in 2012 and pawned most of its assets in a subsequent bankruptcy auction. Fortunately for Soulessgingr, a building full of swag was preserved. 

To see the original gallery, head over to Imgur.

[via Eurogamer

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