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THQ bankruptcy reveals four unannounced games: 1666, Crawler, Atlas, and Evolve

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Yesterday, THQ announced it is filing of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In doing so, a slew of unannounced games were revealed, along with the company's sales expectations. A total of four games were uncovered along with some brief details about each one.

In a statement yesterday, THQ expressed confidence in its existing pipeline of games and assured it will continue operating its business during the sale period "without interruption", subject to Court approval. All of THQ's studios will also remain open, and all development teams will continue working on their projects, so there's a good chance we'll see these games somewhere down the line.

The most intriguing game is from Assassin's Creed creator Patric Desilits who left his role at Ubisoft Montreal last year to head up new studio THQ Montreal. The game is titled 1666, and it's presumed to be another historical action title. If true, it could be related to the great fire of London which began on September 2, 1666.

Another title, codenamed Crawler, was being developed by Vigil, the developer of the Darksiders series. It's unknown if this was a third game in the franchise or a new IP.

The third game is codenamed Atlas. This is being developed by THQ-owned studio Relic. Relic is also currently working on Company of Heroes 2 which is due out on PC in 2013.

The last game has the working title Evolve which THQ filed a trademark for back in February 2012. This game is being headed by Turtle Rock Studios who helped in the initial stages of Valve's zombie shooter Left4Dead.

Additionally, two charts were included listing sales expectations and revenue projections for each game. It also details how the budget for each will be spread throughout the financial years. Clearly, a lot goes into publishing and developing a game. Perhaps these charts will give you a little insight for how complicated the industry can be; it's not just coming up with a great game idea.

THQ sales expectations

THQ Product Development Budget


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