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THQ admits WWE '12 needs better fan reaction


Crowd reactions in WWE '12, and most sports games for that matter, are abyssmal.  To be honest, no matter how much time developers put into the crowd it's never quite up to par.  For some reason no one has been able to capture that real-life crowd reaction in a sports game.  Aht atmosphere, the crowd noise, and the crowd reaction just hasn't been able to be replicated in a game - up to this point at least.

If you ask THQ, they'll be the first to admit that the crowd in WWE '12 was less than stellar.  In fact, when shown a clip dating back to the year 2000 featuring the Undertaker returning during a 60 minute iron man match between The Rock and Triple H, and the crowd reaction, THQ Tank responded:

"The reaction of the crowd in the background is what we need A LOT more of in 2012."

Looking at that fan reaction to The Undertaker is what makes sports so epic.  And if you are to be a sports star in video games, then developers need to do a better job making you feel like one.  How do they do that?  By making the crowd reaction give you goose bumps.

[Captain Starball]

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