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Thoughts on Day 1 of the MvP Invitational and Schedule for day 2 released


So, the MvP Invitational started last night. Among all the pomp and circumstance of these KesPA pros playing against the current top tier from around the world, we had Axeltoss and Axslav providing all the play by play. Don't get me wrong - the commentary was nice - but I couldn't help but feel like there could have been a better choice. Regardless, the matches were very good. In particular, HuK's perfomance last night against Bisu proved that HuK is still just as relevant today as he was back then.

A few other thoughts on the event so far, in no particular order:

  • The long form tournament is awesome. This will give me something to follow over the next few weeks leading up to MLG Dallas, and I couldn't be more excited for the aftermath AT Dallas. Storylines like these are why I got into eSports in the first place.
  • Axeltoss and Axslav need work on replay controls. More than once they goofed up - you can tell they're both more accustomed to live games.
  • It's scary how fast the KesPA players are catching up. They were trading games with these guys, and in some cases, going 2-0, against the current top tier. Who can say how long it'll be until that's the norm...
  • I really wish this was a live event. Maybe I've just gotten spoiled, but seeing the player reaction is the best thing in the world.

The schedule for Day 2 is now up, which I've embedded below!


After Day 1, here are the standings. (courtesy of

 Proleague Conference

Proleague Conference
1. South Korea Ticon small.png sKyHigh 6-0
1. South Korea Ticon small.png Flash 6-0
1. South Korea Picon small.png Rain 6-0
1. South Korea Zicon small.png soO 6-0
5. South Korea Zicon small.png EffOrt 5-1
5. South Korea Ticon small.png FanTaSy 5-1
5. South Korea Ticon small.png Last 5-1
8. South Korea Zicon small.png hyvaa 4-0
9. South Korea Picon small.png Bisu 4-2
9. South Korea Ticon small.png Light 4-2
9. South Korea Zicon small.png RorO 4-2
9. South Korea Picon small.png sOs 4-2
9. South Korea Zicon small.png Soulkey 4-2
9. South Korea Picon small.png Stork 4-2
15. South Korea Ticon small.png BaBy 3-1
15. South Korea Zicon small.png Jaedong 3-1
17. South Korea Picon small.png herO 3-3
17. South Korea Picon small.png JangBi 3-3
19. South Korea Ticon small.png Classic 2-2
19. South Korea Picon small.png Trap 2-2
21. South Korea Zicon small.png Action 2-4
21. South Korea Picon small.png Stats 2-4
23. South Korea Zicon small.png Crazy-Hydra 1-5
24. South Korea Picon small.png Jaehoon 0-4

 MLG Conference

North American Division
1. USA Zicon small.png ViBE 3-3
2. Canada Picon small.png HuK 2-4
2. South Korea Ticon small.png SeleCT 2-4
2. USA Zicon small.png Hawk 2-4
2. Mexico Ticon small.png MajOr 2-4
6. USA Zicon small.png IdrA 1-5
6. USA Ticon small.png Illusion 1-5
6. USA Ticon small.png KawaiiRice 1-5
6. USA Ticon small.png qxc 1-5
10. USA Zicon small.png Sheth 0-6
10. USA Zicon small.png Sasquatch 0-6
10. USA Picon small.png Caliber 0-6
European Division
1. Sweden Picon small.png NaNiwa 4-2
2. Netherlands Zicon small.png Ret 2-4
2. Germany Picon small.png Socke 2-4
2. Sweden Ticon small.png ThorZaIN 2-4
-. Netherlands Picon small.png Grubby 0-0
-. TBA 0-0
Korean / Taiwanese Division
1. South Korea Picon small.png MC 5-1
2. South Korea Picon small.png Oz 4-2
2. South Korea Picon small.png CranK 4-2
3. South Korea Picon small.png Alicia 2-4
3. South Korea Ticon small.png PuMa 2-4
3. South Korea Ticon small.png aLive 2-4

Absolute insanity - the only players not to lose a game are the top 4 from KesPA. Will the MLG players make a comeback? Only one way to find out: tune into the MvP Invitational going live at 7PM EST. Remember, you can buy a pass for only $10. What's $10 going to buy you these days, anyway?

Dustin Steiner is GameZone's eSports Correspondent! Follow him on Twitter @VGHC_Deitis and check out Video Gaming Hard Corps, where he is a local tournament organizer for the S. FL. Fighting Game Community.

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