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Thought the Presidential debate was heated? Check out this CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE '13 interview

There's no binders full of women in this video. No talk of pension. Just a new video from THQ that is pure, badass WWE '13 awesomeness.

In the video, current WWE champion CM Punk and WWE icon Stone Cold Steve Austin sit down with Jim Ross and discuss the upcoming wrestling video game...or at least their supposed to be discussing.

What's supposed to be a debate centered around WWE '13 quickly turns into a heated debate as the two alpha males butt heads in terms of talent and "What ifs". What if CM Punk was wrestling back during the Attitude Era? What is Stone Cold Steve Austin challenges CM Punk for the heavyweight title now? We may not see that happen in real life, but with WWE '13 set to release on October 30, fans will soon be able to play the dream match between these two iconic Superstars.

Although the emphasis of the video is on WWE '13, and the two superstars continue to state "we're just talking about video games", there's clearly some foreshadowing of a comeback for Stone Cold Steve Austin. I could be totally wrong on this one, but if The Rock can do it, why not Stone Cold?

"Video game? Or a real 20x20 ring, supplied by WWE. 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 minutes," Stone Cold leaves off. "It don't matter to me, Punk. At the end of the match your belt would belong to Stone Cold Steve Austin and that's the bottom line cause I said so."

CM Punk retaliates, "I'll just leave it at this. May the best man win."

May the best man win, indeed. WWE '13 is set to release on October 30, 2012. Do you think the WWE '13 debate between CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin lead to a match in the future?

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