Thor: God of Thunder Is An Equal Opportunity Console Release

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Lead Thor comic book author Matt Fraction served as a story consultant for the upcoming multi-platform game, Thor: God of Thunder.

Players will face gigantic enemies and a use variety of different tactics to take them down. Shadow of the Colossus was one of the first games to successfully feature foes that towered over your tiny heroics and Thor has the potential to combine thoughtful puzzle solving tactics with advanced animation and the glee of button-mashing. Thor is coming out for PS3, PSP, 360, and the Wii and DS. The Wii version incorporates Wii Remote movements specific to the game, and the DS release features side-scrolling action, hopefully encouraging a tradition for a multi-platform future for all games.

Thor: God of Thunder should not be confused with God of Thunder the Adept Freeware that you can download here If everyone is quiet on May 3, maybe we can hear the soft, collective "meh" that gamers around the country will utter in unwitting unison.

Shayna Gibson
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