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Thomas Was Alone will deliver minimalist platforming this Saturday

A while back developer Mike Bithell created something special. Thomas Was Alone was a free Flash game that told a story about solitude, companionship, and teamwork. Of course, it told that story with no sound and using only minimalist graphics. It was a thought-provoking experience that was also heartwarming.

Bithell has since been toiling away, continuing to perfect Thomas Was Alone so that he could one day release a much bigger, much more polished experience. I'm glad I've been keeping tabs on the dude on Twitter (it's not stalking if the other person follows you back!), because earlier today Bithell revealed that Thomas Was Alone is ready to launch.

"Thomas Was Alone, for PC and Mac, has gone gold," tweeted the designer. "Thanks to all for your support, for spreading the word, and for all the distracting links."

Due out this Saturday — or in "six sleeps," as Bithell likes to put it — Thomas Was Alone will be landing on the aformentioned platforms, and I really can't wait to dig into it. It goes without saying that you can expect more coverage on the game from yours truly right here on GameZone. Stay tuned, and watch out for Thomas Was Alone.

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