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Thomas Was Alone PSN trailler will keep you company if you're feeling lonely


Indie developer Mike Bithell really managed to deliver a meaningful and heartwarming experience when he released Thomas Was Alone last year. The PC title delivered outstanding puzzle-platforming gameplay and mixed in a tale about loyalty and friendship. That's why it's great to see the game coming along quite nicely in its official PlayStation Network trailer.

Thomas Was Alone will feature cross-buy and cross-pay functionality, so if you purchase it for the PlayStation 3, you'll get the Vita version for free and vice versa. This title definitely seems like a nice fit for Sony's handheld, but then again, I knew that, like, 100 years ago.

Watch out for Thomas Was Alone on the PlayStation Network on April 30. In Europe, the game will be free at launch for PlayStation Plus subscribers, as indicated on the PlayStation Blog. No word yet if we'll get the same deal in North America. Here's hoping we do. Even if we don't, though, you should still play Thomas Was Alone because it's pretty damn amazing.

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