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This Just In: Rovio Mobile Think Highly of Themselves


Over the past two years, my thoughts on mobile games have changed considerably. I used to be a gamer who detested gaming on cell phones. I later eased up on the medium, realizing that mobile game development is a great way both for smaller developers to get their name out and for people constantly on the go to get some fun digital entertainment regardless of their whereabouts.

There's one company, however, that I can't seem to get behind. Rovio Mobile, the developer responsible for the smash hit Angry Birds, comes off as one of the most blatantly pretentious companies in all of video game history all because they sold countless copies of a simple game. Due to that accomplishment, it almost appears as if the company is bigger than God Himself ... at least in their estimation.

The cocky developer once again showered itself with praise after the recent acquisition of PopCap Games at the hands of EA in a statement to EuroGamer. On whether or not Rovio would allow itself to be purchased by a big name publisher, the company's VP of Franchise Development Ville Heijari stated, "Of course like any business if the price is right, ha! But we've set the bar pretty high from early on, because we really think we have a lot of opportunities with our Angry Birds IP and there's a lot of creativity at the studio beyond Angry Birds. It was never a strategy here to quickly cash in on anybody who comes waving a wad of cash our way."

Heijari went on to say that the price point for Rovio (if it were to be acquired by another company) would be "maybe north of PopCap." That right there sounds like a load of rotting crap. I get that the company created a casual phenomenon in Angry Birds, but I honestly doubt anyone sees them as a bigger and more impressive developer than PopCap, who constantly turns out quality games that both hardcore and casual gamers love. Additionally, Heijari stated that there was creativity outside the Angry Birds name, but we have yet to see any new games from the developer. Can Rovio sell a simple game to death? Definitely, and their sales of Angry Birds are certainly admirable. Are they worth all of the buzz they give themselves? I don't think so.

Be a little more humble, Rovio. Right now, you just look like a jackass.

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