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This white Xbox One is freaking awesome, but only for Microsoft employees

White Xbox One

Back in July, we posted a photo of a white Xbox One dev kit. While it wasn't a final version of the system, it did give us a nice look at what Microsoft's new console would look like in a color other than the "liquid black" color it will ship with. It also got us wondering if Microsoft would ever offer consumers an alternate white version of its console.

Turns out, they do have a special white Xbox One, but its only for eligible Mirosoft staff. According to a leaked image, members of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business team, the group responsible for the Xbox One, will receive a white/silver special edition Xbox One with the words "I made this" and "Launch Team [something]" etched on to its front. The free bundle also includes a matchign white controller, one year of Xbox LIVE, a special Achievement, all first-party launch games, and the otherwise normal black Kinect peripheral. I personally would've liked a matching white Kinect, but I'm not getting the bundle anyways.

Personally, I think the white Xbox One is much sleeker than the liquid black version that's being sold to consumers. Hopefully if this color generates enough excitement it will convince Microsoft to offer an alternate option. It would definitely give them a one-up over Sony who is also selling its PS4 in only a jet black color.

Do you prefer a liquid black or white Xbox One?

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