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This week's downloadable Nintendo poop 5/24/2012


If you're a fan of Wii Virtual Console or WiiWare games, move it along. This line's for DSi and 3DS owners. Now that that's out of the way, let's see what the Big N's got in store for digital download shoppers.

On DSiWare we've got Snakenoid Deluxe. The game is a Breakout-style title where you control a snake with the stylus and bounce a ball back at some blocks to break them. Again, Breakout-style. Snakenoid is priced at 500 DSi Points ($4.99 for the 3DS crowd).

The new offering on the 3DS eShop is Game & Watch Gallery 2. This Game Boy Color original features several Game & Watch games and is priced at $3.99

Last, it looks like Mighty Switch Force! is getting a nice little free update. Five brand new levels, improved 3D, and a snazzy retry option have all been added to the already neat game. if you already own Mighty Switch Force!, be sure to download the update for $0.00. If not, what are you waiting for? Play this game!

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