This week's downloadable Nintendo poop 5/10/2012

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It's that time of the week where we look at all of Nintendo's digital offerings. Today we've got two games about monsters, a space shooter, and another version of Sudoku. Check 'em all out right here.

On the Wii Virtual Console we've got the arcade version of Wonder Boy in Monster Land for 900 Wii Points. There's also Monster World IV, which appeared on the Sega Mega Drive and was exclusive to Japan ... until now! That one will also run you 900 Wii Points.

Want to shoot stuff? If so, check out Paul's Shooter Adventure 2 on DSiWare. For 200 DSi Points ($1.99 on the eShop), you'll get to shoot giant bugs.

Last is Sudoku by Nikoli on the 3DS eShop for $4.99. It's Sudoku. By Nikoli.

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