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This Week's Downloadable Nintendo Poop 12/22/11


The holidays are here, everyone! So does Nintendo have some sweet downloads in store for us? I sure hope so. Realistically, though, let's not set ourselves up for anything we won't get. So let's take a look at this week's downloads straight from the Big N.

WiiWare's got one new selection for you and a demo this week. For 500 Wii Points, you can play Soccer Up! Or you can save your cash and play the demo for Gnomz. Ehh, I'd say skip both of these.

DSiWare's got three games on hand this week. Doodle Fit allows you to drag blocks for 500 DSi Points. Don't feel like doodling? For 800 DSi Points, you can create some chiptunes on Rytmik Retrobits. Of course, if you like puzzles and vampires, you may want to go with Chronicles of Vampires: Origins. That one will run you 500 DSi Points.

Mighty Switch Force! on the 3DS eShop is priced at $5.99. The game is a shooter from WayForward, so if you trust that awesome dev, you may want to check this out. You can also snag the legendary Tetris (Game Boy version) for $3.99. Oh, and you can download the free app Swapnote so you can, you know, swap notes.


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