This Week's Downloadable Nintendo Poop - 11/3

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Hello, and welcome to the second edition of This Week's Downloadable Nintendo Poop, where we give you the rundown on the Big N's latest digital releases. Yes, this young news series is still a baby, but I hope to make it grow into a beautiful feature. Or not. In any case, some guy left a comment last week saying, "WHY NINTENDO?" Sounds like we're off to a good start already!

We've got a single game incoming as far as WiiWare is concerned. Titled Gnomz, the game is a "multiplayer battle platformer" with "considerable amounts of game modes" that feature "shocking power-ups and magical rainbows." Admittedly, I think the colorful art style is pretty cool, but I'm not sure if the game will keep my interest for long. I guess we'll find out when I review the game in What Not to WiiWare this weekend. Gnomz is priced at 1,000 Wii Points.

On the DSiWare front, you've got two games to avoid ... err ... choose from. 1950s Lawn Mower Kids will run you 500 DSi Points and has you mowing lawns as three different kids at the same time. And House M.D. - Episode 4: Crashed is a game about House that costs 800 DSi Points.

Meanwhile on the 3DS eShop, you'll have the option of purchasing the Game Boy title Balloon Kid for $2.99. It's there if you want it, people. Do you want it? Do you want any of this stuff?

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