This (possibly legit) Zelda NES prototype costs $150,000

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Zelda fanatics, you better start looking for some change underneath your couch cushions and in your car. You also better take that money you saved up for college textbooks and scrap those plans. Oh, and that engagement ring you were planning on buying that bombshell who's way too good for you anyway (looks-wise only; I'm certain you have a heart of gold)? Yeah, don't buy that!

Some dude named tjcurtin1 (not his real name, obviously) has taken "the only NES Legend of Zelda prototype in the world" and put it up on eBay ... for $150,000. Yikes! Bet those of you who already bought that engagement ring are kicking yourselves in the butt now, especially considering the whole thing might end in divorce.

According to the seller, this is a complete prototype, though there's nothing different from this cartridge and the final NES version of Zelda. Yeah, this is nothing like that famed Famicom protoype which actually had some differences from the final version of this wonderful classic.

If you do decided to dump your beautiful bride-to-be, send her my way, because she'll probably be desperate and vulnerable. But also, if you decide to go that route, you'll be glad to know that this Zelda prototype comes with a sealed copy of the retail version of Zelda, which is actually a pretty cool extra to throw in.

Hmm ... I wonder if this is actually a real Zelda prototype or just some fiendish concoction put together by an evil, evil person.


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