This new pic of Jean-Claude Van Damme 'The Expendables 2' is freaking me out

What the f*ck happened to his face?!

the expendables 2 jean claude van damme

The Expendables 2 opens in theaters August 17, and part of its action star-studded cast includes Jean-Claude Van Damme as the villain. I think the last movie of his I saw was Sudden Death. And after glimpsing at his IMDB page, I can see that he's still making Universal Soldier movies. A man's gotta eat, right?

And while he's in a type of shape that I'll never be, what happened to him? He's never been a strong actor, but that pose and expression is just so awkward. It's sad to see action heroes age...

Whatever, I'm sure he'll play a fine villain, and the movie will be violent and bloody and entertaining.

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