This Logitech keyboard is sink safe

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I’ll be honest, I once ruined an expensive keyboard by spilling and adult beverage on it.  I was sad.  If Logitech had created the K310 back then, I would have anger bought it instantly.  The Logitech K310 is a waterproof keyboard.  You can submerge this keyboard in deep water to clean if you so desire.  We all fear the mystery living under the keys – from dust to that forgotten sandwich crumbs.  It’s there though, and it’s waiting.

But what if it wasn’t there and you could simply just run your keyboard under water and make it all better and clean again?  I have to admit, there is allure to the K310.  This keyboard is 11 inches long and rocks convenient draining holes in the back for speedy drying.  With laser printing and UV coating, Logitech assures you that a washing won’t distort the script on the keys.  It’s USB so it’s easy to install / hook up and the top has hotkeys for your customizable pleasure. 

The sink safe keyboard can be preordered now for $35.  After I destroy my next keyboard, I may just have to pick this up.      

Keybaord Sink


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