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This is what 40-player raid set armor looks like in WildStar

During the hour-long WildStar PAX East panel, Carbine Studios briefly showed some of the 40-player raid set armor you can get from clearing instances. Socio-economic lead (a fancy way for saying the man responsible for all of the loot) Joe Piepiora previewed the armor sets for the Stalker, Spellslinger, Esper, Engineer, and Medic classes, noting that there are actually two versions of these sets in addition to the number of different sub-tiers of itemization.

As we explained over the weekend, some items in WildStar have rune slots which allow you to place stat boosting runes into. Rather than specific set bonuses linked to each individual gear piece, you'll be able to slot whatever set bonus rune you want. And should you have the right number of rune slots available, it's even possible to equip multiple rune sets. There's also imbuements which add additional item benefits should you complete the associated quest.

And again, each piece of armor in the raid set comes in either an assault version or support version for every class. This is because each class has an assault role (DPS) option and a support role (either tank or healer) option.

To learn more about the itemization in WildStar, check out our panel recap.

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