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This is Renegade Kid's next 3DS game


Back in January the Nintendo 3DS got a nice little eShop game titled Mutant Mudds. The game was developed by Renegade Kid, and it offered a retro-style platforming romp that was rife with style and charm. Our own Robert Workman awarded the game a mighty impressive 9 / 10 score, which means you should play it if you own a 3DS. Or else.

Renegade Kid is now working on its next project, and while there are practically no details about it whatsoever, the success of Mutant Mudds warrants some level of anticipation. The upcoming game is called Bomb Monkey, and all we have to go on at the moment is a teaser site. The page features a monkey holding a bomb with the word "puzzling" floating above the critter's head.

Hmm ... From the looks of it, I'd say Renegade Kid is working on a puzzle game with bombs and monkeys. Yes, that has to be it! That's real investigative journalism for ya, folks! You heard it here first!

No release date or specific gameplay details are known aside from the stuff mentioned here, but the game is listed for the eShop, which points to a future 3DS release. Unless of course Renegade Kid is tricking us all and plans to launch Bomb Monkey for the Wii U eShop! Nah, that probably won't happen.

But if it does, you heard it here first!

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