This is how you practice responsible parenting with GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto V Screenshot - patrick scott patterson

Patrick Scott Patterson, video game personality and renaissance man, knows what the's talking about when it comes to video games. Yesterday, he posted a video to his YouTube channel that shows his oldest son, Brody, holding up a copy of Grand Theft Auto 5 and talking about it. 

The lesson of this video? That parents should do some actual parenting and make sure both they and their kids understand what they should and shouldn't be playing, and to help them understand what they're playing. If a game is rated M, then a kid shouldn't be playing it -- simple as that. 

Hopefully the ignorant politicians, anti-video game activists and all-knowing mainstream media watch this and see what some proactive parenting can do instead of blaming violent video games for everything.

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[Patrick Scott Patterson YouTube via my friend Tate]

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