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This is how The Chive celebrates the release of Madden 13... and I want to be a part of it

the chive madden 13

I can't exactly turn GameZone into a The Chive-tribute site, but I sure as hell am gonna post this. As all football fans know, Madden NFL 13 released on Tuesday. I celebrated it by playing the game. What did The Chive do?

To celebrate today's release of Madden NFL 2013, 2013 we decided to have a nice photoshoot with some sexy gamer girls. Who wouldn't want to mix two awesome pastimes together?

So I called Asa Hope, our resident gamer, and asked if she knew any other gamer girls who didn't like wearing clothes, "No problem." Asa's always been a game time player. Thanks to Nikki (Blonde), Sharly (Brunette) for joining us. It was a memorable afternoon.

Wow. Sporting lingerie, bikini bottoms, jean shorts and jerseys — like Miles Austin of the Cowboys and Darren McFadden of the Raiders — Chivers were treated to one of my favorite photoshoots I've seen on the site. And boy... do these gamer girls get into it... NOT LIKE THAT, YA PERV!

madden 13 the chive

To see all 24 photos, including one awesome GIF, head over to The Chive.

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[Source: The Chive]

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