This is how Kingdom Hearts creator Tetsuya Nomura does Batman

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Final Fantasy character designer and creator of Kingdom Hearts Tetsuya Nomura has taken his artistry to the dark knight himself, resulting in the demonic Batman rendition seen here.

Nomura’s design is to be included as part of Square Enix and DC Comics’ line of collectible figures dubbed the Variant Play Arts Kai series. Notably mechanized in appearance, Nomura’s caped (winged?) crusader seems almost cyberpunk compared to the toolbelt and tights of his conventional depiction. The red highlights and angular armor also bear resemblance to Batman Beyond, although the claws and wings are certainly a new feature.

Nomura Batman

As Eurogamer reports, Nomura’s character is currently on display at Comic-Con but the Arts Kai figurines will be unavailable for an undisclosed period of time. Interestingly, this character has yet to be officially named. 


Austin Wood
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