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This is how Hearthstone looks on a Gameboy

While Capcom is out remastering the remake of Resident Evil, retro die-hard group Gameboydemakes are taking Blizzard’s latest card game Hearthstone back to the dawn of handheld gaming.

The Gameboy demake is remarkably faithful and covers much of the game’s interface. The images seen here depict renditions of the home screen, play mode selection screen, in-game playing field and Arena screen, from left to right, all done up appropriately monochromatically.

Amusingly, even a few cards have been downgraded. The match seen in the bottom-left corner, between a Warrior and Druid, shows Harvest Golem, Ironbark Protector, Kor’kron Elite and Dalaran Mage along with a few Murlocs duking it out. Even mana meters, hand size and hit points made the cut, though the UI has seen some cut corners.

Interested in more demakes? Have a look at  BioShock, Dark Souls and The Last of Us reimagined as PlayStation 1 classics. 


Austin Wood
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