This is how an OUYA plays on your big screen TV

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You might have caught a glimpse of the OUYA unboxing video, which showcased everything developers would be getting to start building games. While it was enticing to see an actual OUYA console being taken out of the box, what we really wanted to see is the interface and some games played on it. Looks like we might have just got our wish.

This YouTube video shows developer Aptual testing their game Roasty Rooster. The menu interface before the game is likely to change, even though it doesn't look all that bad. The game itself seems to run just fine, and we even get a glimpse of the trackpad functionality of the OUYA controller.

What's interesting to me is the negative response to this video. With a record breaking Kickstarter, you would think people are ready for the mobile revolution to happen on their big screen TVs. Apparently not so. While it's unfair to judge a video with only 308 views (at the time) a lot of people seem to not understand the desire to be able to play games designed for mobile devices, like Roasty Rooster, on a TV.

Regardless, the OUYA definitely has an audience, and will have to prove to users that it was money well invested once it's scheduled to hit in March this year.

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