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This is how a video game artist proposes to his gamer girlfriend

video game proposal

Robert Fink, a video game artist, proposed to his girlfriend through a video game he made. Enlisting two of his friends to help with the programming and the game's musical score, Fink would tell his girlfriend, Angel White, that he had to work late a few times a wekk so he could create the art for his game. 

It took five months for the three to create the pixelated proposal. How did Fink get her to play it without getting suspicious?

"I told her that SuperGenius, the company that I work at, was working on a simple platformer pixel art game. I planted the seed early on in her head so that when I brought it up later that she needed to test it, it wouldn't be out of the blue," said Fink.

So, after setting up a fake game-testing session for her, here's how things went down:

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