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This is easily the best Lance Stephenson ear-blowing meme


If you've been paying attention to the NBA playoffs then you're probably well aware of Indiana Pacers' Lance Stephenson blowing in the ear of Miami Heat superstar Lebron James. If you don't watch basketball, let me explain what happened: Lance Stephenson blew in the ear of Lebron James. Yes, it's just as weird as it sounds. The unorthodox defensive move by Stephenson has sparked a number of memes and the internet has gone wild with photoshopped pictures of it.

None are greater than the one shared by Nintendo though. Rather than blowing into James' ear, Stephenson is instead blowing into an old NES cartridge. Those of you born in the 80s, and maybe the early 90s know what I'm talking about. For its part, Nintendo was quick to point out that blowing into a cartridge isn't necessary.

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