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This Half-Life 3 disc is legit


Sources at Ebay tell us Half-Life 3 is already out and available for a starting price at $3.99 - an odd, but welcomed price point in today's gaming standards.

According to the listing, Half-Life 3 is set to ship in about 4 days and 7 hours to any of the major markets including Canada, Europe, Australia, Japan, and the United States.

I must admit, I'm a little disappointed in the CD art, but sometimes simpler is better.  This must be the Collector's Edition of the game featuring a hand-written logo and missing chunks of the disc.

The description for the game reads:

The previous Half Life games set a gold standard for storytelling in first person shooters and now it's time to take it to the next level. Half-Life 3 is an innovative fast paced multiplayer shooter. It's also epic. Players will progress through a series of ranks while unlocking exciting new guns and life upgrades. Each player will have 3 slots for their life upgrades, and guns will have further attachments and unlocks. The possibilities are endless, YOU play the game how YOU want to play it! The developer has heard all of your crying -err- suggestions over the past EIGHT (10? 20? who keeps count anyway?) years and they are ready to deliver the ultimate experience ever of all time. To the extreme. Your 360 and PS3 are going to exclusively love it!*

In all seriousness, this looks like another ploy to stir the whole Valve - Half-Life 3 controversy.  Although this is a more desperate attempt, fans on Steam recently organized a Half-Life 2 playthrough to protest the lack of communication from Valve on Half-Life 3.

And for those of you who actually consider buying this thinking it is the real game:

Seriously though, please note that you will be receiving the product as advertised - a disc with "Half-Life 3" written on it. I have not played Half-Life 3 (if it even exists) and have not owned it or come in contact with it (or any part of it) at any point in time and the Half-Life franchise is property of Valve. I don't know anything about sequels to HL2:EP2 and this just a disc with "Half-Life 3" written on it.

Remember, serious bidders only.  Good luck!

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