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This gamer has made $10,000 on Diablo 3's auction house


When Blizzard announced they would be implementing a real-money auction house in Diablo 3, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to earn a little extra income. Unfortunately, by the time they launched the feature I had already been burned out from the grind.

Those that stuck with it, however, are benefiting greatly. One such gamer even boasted about his financial success with Diablo 3 claiming to have earned more than $10,000 legitimately from the auction house.

"I have never botted, scammed, used any of the number of exploits, or cheated in any way whatsoever," user WishboneTheDog said in a Reddit AMAA where he also provided proof of his massive earnings. "Before this game, I never made any money off of what I did because it was against the rules. Investing and trading in the item markets is part of how I have my fun, it wouldn't make sense for me to cheat. Anyone who played D2 with hacks knows what I mean."

In the AMAA, the user covers everything from his practices to the current state of the Diablo 3 economy. Don't expect to read it and get any get rich quick ideas; he doesn't offer the specifics about his technique. And to earn that kind of cash, you have to invest quite a bit of time into the game. During the first two months, he averaged 8 to 14 hours of gameplay a day.

Have you earned much, if anything, from the Diablo 3 auction house?

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