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This custom Titanfall Xbox One is totally awesome, but not for sale

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Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new special edition Xbox One version branded for the studio's upcoming shooter, Titanfall. Unfortunately, it won't be for sale for the general public.

"Almost hate to post this cause they aren't for sale but Xbox brought our studio something amazing today," said Respawn Entertainment on Twitter, posting a picture of the sleek-looking console. The design of the Titanfall Xbox One actually matches that of the Titanfall-branded controller, revealed back in January. So while you can't get this badass console, at least you can get a controller version of it. Seriously though, the console and controller would make for an insanely awesome Xbox One Titanfall bundle -- way cooler than the one Microsoft announced last month.

Similar to the white Xbox One released only for the system's dev team, this specially designed Xbox One is meant for the people who have pour their blood, sweat and tears into the development of this highly anticipated game. Of course, Microsoft later went on to auction off a few of those white Xbox One consoles, so maybe there's a chance one or two of these will make it to the general market as some sort of special promotion. And for what it's worth, the white Xbox One is rumored to be released later this year, so who knows.

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