This Brave Robotics made transformer is pretty sweet

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I remember quite vividly when I was young and I got one of those remote control hover crafts.  The thing worked for like an hour before there was the tiniest puncture ever in the inflatable part and then it was all downhill from there.  Curse that thing.  While that may have been more than a decade ago, it seems like remote control gadgets have gotten a wee bit better.

Over at Brave Robotics, someone has invented one of those upright battle bots that also functions as a car.  That’s right people, it’s a remote control transformer.  This bad boy drives like a remote control car and can then transform into a bipedal robot.  In robot form, it derp walks around.  It EVEN has a victory cheer.

Did I mention that the controller for this bot is a moded PlayStation 3 controller?  Well it is.  Watch the video below and see how far robotics / remote control technology has come.

What an awesome case.


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