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Thinkgeek's newest halloween costume is all sound, no costume


I love Thinkgeek. My christmas list is usually made up 90% of stuff from that site. What's great is that there's always new and cool stuff being offered. Just in time for Halloween, Thinkgeek has introduced the Mega Stomp Panic, and boy is it awesome looking.

The Mega Stomp Panic is a simple device that attaches to your pocket and your belt buckle. Then all you have to do is walk or stomp and the device will make different sounds depending on your preset.

Designed to be worn by itself or as part of a costume, the Mega Stomp Panic is a first-of-its-kind audio reality costume.  By simply attaching the palm-sized device to a belt and turning two dials, wearers can select one of nine different sound profiles that generate unique sounds with every step and stomp.

“The idea is to take costumes beyond just what we see,” said Ty Liotta, Grand High Marshall of the ThinkGeek Costume Parade. “Wearing the Mega Stomp Panic turns your footsteps into an incredible audio experience.”

There are nine different sound profiles which you can switch from:

  1. Hydraulic Giant Robot
  2. Rainstorm
  3. Zombie Attack
  4. Gigantic Monster
  5. Gunslinger
  6. Medieval Knight
  7. Pegleg Pirate
  8. 8-Bit Gaming Hero
  9. Steampunk Giant Robot

The Mega Stomp Panic is available for $39.99 which isn't that bad, however as this is a new product, you can expect it to sell out very quickly.

Check out the Mega Stomp Panic right here!

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