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ThinkGeek releases three new Star Trek items for fans

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Dig Star Trek? Of course you do! Otherwise you'd have no reason for clicking on this news post. So now that we've established your Star Trek fanaticism, we can talk about some new merch from ThinkGeek.

First, we've got some snazzy new cookie cutters for $19.99. Because what Star Trek fan wouldn't want to eat a hand-shaped cookie? Alternatively, if you're not a Star Trek fan (What are you doing here again?), you can eat said cookie and pretend it's the hand of one of those Star Trek aficionados you so despise.

Next is a the new Star Trek letter opener, priced at $24.99. If you don't fancy email all that much, or you just get a lot of stuff via snail mail, you may want to snag this sweet tool for getting to the juicy contents of your letters.

Of course, I've saved the best for last. Look! It's an inflatable chair for $34.99. But this isn't some kids' chair. No, this is an adult chair! Yup, I'm certain plenty of Star Trek fans were waiting for this one.

So, see anything you like?

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