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Think of WildStar’s Esper class like Professor X crossed with Green Lantern

Hey you MMORPG types that like mage classes, you’re definitely going to want to take a gander at WildStar’s Esper class. Unlike your traditional wizard, sans Guild Wars 2’s Mesmer, the Esper focuses on illusions. This mage attacks their enemies with powerful psionic attacks that trick their minds with nightmares. This same magic can be used on allies to give them pleasing dreams to heal them.

The weapon of the Esper is the psyblade. These disks come in many shapes and sizes and are controlled psionically – that’s telekinesis Kyle. The Esper can even combine their illusion skills with the psyblade to make multiple of them attack their foes. Since the Esper rocks light armor, you’re going to want to keep away from your enemies and kite those who want to bash your face in.

Not convinced or what to know MORE!? Watch the video above already!

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