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Things get weird when you synch up the Death Stranding trailers

The game is about connectivity

Fans eagerly awaiting details on Death Stranding have already been digging deep into its debut trailer from E3, and now with a second trailer released at The Game Awards, there’s even more content to comb through. However, a pretty big clue reveals itself if you watch both trailers simultaneously.

Things get weird when you synch up the Death Stranding trailers

In the first trailer, Norman Reedus clutches a baby before it disappears and leaves oily ghost handprints all over his body. In TGA’s trailer, Guillermo Del Toro makes a baby materialize in some sort of portable incubation chamber. It turns out, if you synch these trailers from the beginning, these moments occur at the exact same time. The baby disappears in the E3 trailer and appears moments later in the one for The Game Awards. While this would likely just be a coincidence for any other game, come on, this is a Kojima product: it was almost certainly intentional. It may be too early to glean any information from this; is Norman a terrible father? Is Guillermo a baby snatcher? Is Mads Mikkelson the hero of the story and trying to save these babies from terrible parenting? We just don’t know.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on future trailers to see if they also synch up, and we may not have to wait much longer to see more footage as Kojima is hosting a Death Stranding panel at PSX this weekend.

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